Belden Farm

locally produced organic mushrooms, apples and vegetables


(518) 686-8226 


73 E. Hoosick Rd.
Hoosick Falls, NY 12090


Closed for season

Check back in April

Belden Farm was started in 2003 when we moved to a 100 acre farm in upstate New York near the Vermont border.  Our focus from the beginning was growing the best tasting fruits, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and meat.  In 2017, we began planting using permaculture techniques and focused on regenerative practices for the fields and forests.    We believe that food has to taste good.  Working with nature allows us to take advantage of all the resources we have.  The maple logs we thin from the forest become the logs that we grow shiitake mushrooms on.  Planting multiple varieties of fruit intermixed in the orchard limits the pests and adds unique habitat for wildlife.  Whether for the wildlife or our farm animals, we are creating a healthy ecosystem that not only sustains itself, but is also regenerative to the land