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Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation



21 Danforth Street

Hoosick Falls, NY 12090



Our Services in Short-Term Care


Upon arrival at The Center, new residents are assessed by one or more licensed therapists which may include physical, occupational, and/or speech. A comprehensive, individualized plan of care is then custom-designed for each individual. Transportation to follow-up medical appointments is coordinated and provided by The Center as needed.


Our Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants work to get residents back to participating in the activities of life important to them. This can include personal care, meal preparation, home activities and leisure tasks. We incorporate individualized therapeutic activities into treatment and are especially proud of our use of our outdoor deck and garden in the warm weather to assist in reaching goals.


Our licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants work with residents in areas that may include strengthening, gait training, balance, exercise, and pain management in our friendly, comfortable fully-equipped rehabilitation gym and our outdoor garden.


Our Speech–Language Pathologists address swallowing, communication and cognitive needs and works closely with nursing and dietary staff. Instrumental swallowing exams are also done in-house.


Arthritic issues plague so many of us especially as we age. Our nurses and physical therapists understand this and provided range of motion equipment and daily exercises to help individuals lessen the restraint of arthritis.


The Center provides weekly transport for residents to visit mental health facilities or a psychiatrist.


We also help every individual moving from a short-term stay to another level care if needed. This could be assisted living, a nursing center, or at-home nursing care.

Nursing Support

Our Nursing Staff are caring and experienced – they truly make The Center your home.

We offer 24-hour skilled nursing care to provide closely supervised support for residents who require assistance with their activities of daily living. This care ranges from medications, bathing, walking, dressing, eating and oversight. Our nurses also offer support for medications, feedings (G-Tube, Nasal Gastric), wound care, bladder scanning and nursing oversight while a resident is transferred to doctors’ appointments.

In-house Radiology and Laboratory

The Center conveniently offers its residents all laboratory and radiology (X-Ray) services. The resident doesn’t even need to leave the room.

In-house Dental

The Center provides diagnostic dental services for all residents regularly repeating these services to ensure that dental problems do not occur. If there are issues, we transport the resident to any of three dental groups we partner with.

Dietary Support

Every resident has an individualized dietary plan based on the needs of the resident including special dietary requirements, allergies and restrictions. Our in-house dietician is skilled in determining the best nutrition plan for each resident.

Physician Support

An on-site Medical Director oversees patients and three other doctors from local medical groups come in weekly for progress reports and check-ups. We also provide psychiatric services once a week to provide any mental health services needed.

End of Life Services

When residents are passing on, The Center is part of the process and part of the family. Our hospice services provide special nursing, clergy, medical support and pain management. It is extremely important to us that comfort and support is offered to the resident and their families. As a family, we mourn and celebrate life too. Each season we have a Celebration of Remembrance service for those who have passed on at The Center. Please join us for the Celebration of Remembrance. It is posted on the Activity Calendar or you can call the Activity Department at extension 136 for more information.